‘DEMI’ album review


(Photo: Album cover ‘DEMI’ by Demi Lovato.)

DEMI‘ is the fourth studio album from Disney phenomenon, Demi Lovato, following billboard topping previous albums ‘Don’t Forget‘, ‘Here We Go Again‘ and ‘Unbroken‘. Lovato hit the mainstream after appearing in the Disney Channel original movie ‘Camp Rock‘ alongside The Jonas Brothers, but has since set her sights on more of the music world.

Due to her work as one of the four judges on the infamous X-Factor that opened avenues for her fourth album to be taken a lot more seriously than her previous three, as she has now completely shed her Disney Channel Star status and moved up as a respected musician in her own right.

The album, released May 2013 by Hollywood Records, tells the story of Lovato’s recent struggles with addiction which were spread all over the world via scandal sites and the internet from 2008 until 2010 when she checked herself into a rehab facility to address concerns with drug use, eating disorders and self harm.

The tracklisting on this album goes from number 1 dance tracks like ‘Heart Attack‘, ‘Made in the USA‘ and even her tour titled ‘Neon Lights‘, to the more melancholic tracks like ‘Warrior‘ and ‘Nightingale‘ which take a more obvious attempt at confronting the struggles that relate to the album.

Songs like ‘Warrior’ became an instant overnight success with fans of Lovato after the album release due to it possibly being the most raw and heartfelt song she has ever written, the deeper songs seemed to latch on to the heart strings of the fans quicker than her more popular, more expected dance track renditions. 

‘DEMI’ debuted at number 3 on the American Billboards with 110,000 copies sold within the first week of it’s release, becoming her best selling debut week of her entire career.